Unrivaled access
to everywhere,
from anywhere.

Imagine a connection point where two major interstates
meet five Class I railroads connected by conveyer to
one of the deepest river ports in a crucial point on the
Mississippi River with more than 2,000 acres open for
immediate FTZ sub-zone development. Now stop
imagining, because it’s right here in West Memphis.

Deep water means loading
and unloading when
other ports aren’t.

On our nation’s main inland waterway, million of tons of goods are shipped every year. But when the water is low, only a few ports remain open. The WMEX RiverRail Logistics Hub is one of the area’s deepest, ensuring that it is able to load and unload barges when other ports can’t.


Rail lines mean
heavier cargo loads.

Not all rail is created equal. In fact, the WMEX rail lines are specifically built to handle the heaviest carloads. Even better, this location is the only place in the nation where two mainline tracks cross the Mississippi River, giving you a connection to five Class I railroads.

Uncongested road
access to I-40 and I-55
means efficiency.

Whether you’re exporting product to China or bringing in cargo for regional distribution, WMEX is perfectly situated to accommodate your needs. With easily attainable, on-site overweight permitting, connecting directly to the Union Pacific Intermodal Yard has never been easier or more cost-efficient.

More incentives means
more rail-served sites
within your reach.

With development rates comparable to the Memphis market, a WMEX hub site can save you more than you realize. You'll save with a fire insurance rating of 2. Your property tax will be half of what you'd pay in Memphis or Mississippi – and your electrical rates will be 25% lower, too. That adds up to saving $.50 or more per square foot in operating costs each year. When you consider that every site is FTZ sub-zone eligible, there's no reason to look anywhere else.

More trained logistic
workers means
smarter staffing.

WMEX is not only situated near river, rail and road, it’s ideally located to source more logistic workers per capita than anywhere else in the country. Nearby Mid-South Community College boasts a cutting edge Workforce Technology Center that produces a full pipeline of trained, screened and tested workforce recruits.

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Location and low costs

WMEX RiverRail Logistics Hub is centrally located on the main channel of the Mississippi River’s west side. Due in large part to the park’s strategic location, the City of West Memphis received a sizable federal grant in 2012 for park development.


Quick Facts

  • Easy access to rail, port and truck facilities means the park can meet any current or future transportation needs in the ever-changing world of logistics.
  • West Memphis has the lowest operating costs of any location in the Memphis MSA.
  • The park is located in the Memphis MSA, an area with more logistics workers per capita than anywhere else in the nation.

Always open.

The Port of West Memphis at the WMEX RiverRail Logistics Hub is a Mississippi Main Channel Port where even in the lowest water conditions, the WMEX port has maintained at least 30 feet of water.

During low water conditions, area slackwater ports often have less than minimum freeboard depth.


Quick Facts

  • The WMEX port remained open during the historic low water conditions of 2012 when most other ports on the Mississippi were closed for 24 weeks or more.
  • The Army Corp of Engineers predicts low water conditions will continue to impact Mississippi River shipping in 2013.
  • The WMEX port is undergoing a $4.2 million expansion in the first quarter of 2013.
  • The WMEX port has more than 800 feet of frontage available, with additional port space available for development in partnership with the port’s operator, Kinder Morgan.
  • The WMEX port has ready access to I-40 & I-55, 2,000 acres of Greenfields and access to five Class I railroads.

Rail lines connecting communities and ports across America.

With a city-owned industrial rail spur located within it, the WMEX RiverRail Logistics Hub contains the only remaining rail-served acreage available in the immediate Memphis MSA area.


Quick Facts

  • The hub is accessible by Union Pacific and Burlington Northern Santa Fe with interchange access to CSX, Canadian Northern and Norfolk Southern.
  • Rail service will be expanded throughout 2013-2014, thanks to an $11 million federal TIGER grant.
  • The nearby Union Pacific Intermodal Yard handles more than 600,000 lifts a year, with 65% of inbound containers coming from China by way of the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach.

At the crossroads of distribution.

The WMEX hub provides easy, congestion-free truck access to both the east and west coasts via I-40 and to the Gulf Coast and the Great Lakes via I-55.


Quick Facts

  • WMEX is within a two-day drive of 75 percent of the nation’s population centers.
  • Overweight permits are available for truck route between the Port and Union Pacific Intermodal Yard.
  • WMEX provides significant drayage savings for container movements between the Intermodal Yard and WMEX, as opposed to the high costs of crossing the Mississippi River into the Memphis MSA.

A site for every need.

The WMEX RiverRail Logistics Hub contains more than 2,000 acres of Greenfields and access to all municipal utilities with excess capacity. In addition, West Memphis has the lowest utility rates in the Memphis MSA with property taxes at half the cost of most other sites in the area.


Quick Facts

  • No floodplain or environmental issues.
  • All available sites are level, currently being used as farmland.
  • Streamlined permitting process measured in weeks rather than months.
  • Sites are rail accessible.
  • Congestion free, unrestricted access to Interstates 40 and 55.

A quality workforce, ready to go.

Since 2008, Arkansas has made the top 10 in Education Week magazine’s Quality Counts annual report card, which ranks states’ public education policies, environment and performance. In 2013, the state ranked 5th overall.


Quick Facts

  • Mid South Community College offers 2-year and 4-year degrees and the college’s Workforce Technology Center can customize programs to suit individual company needs.
  • The Memphis MSA is home to more than 1.4 million people and a substantial workforce.
  • West Memphis Economic Development office can provide contacts for local industry representatives willing to share their workforce recruiting, development and retention experiences.